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Club America Preseason in the US

Club America Preseason Schedule
Source: Flickr- @carlospress

Club America will have several preseason matches in the United States, as preparation for the upcoming Apertura 2012, which will start in less than three weeks (finally). America has already played its first preseason match held in the US, a 1-1 tie against Xolos in San Diego.  Club America has three more preseason matches it will play in different parts of the United States:
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It is unlikely that America will use all of its starters for every single match, the schedule is a bit too crowded to add such a heavy workload to the players. However, these matches will serve two purposes: prepare the entire Club America roster for the fast approaching Apertura 2012 (as well as the opponents’ teams), and allow America fans who infrequently have a chance to watch the Azulcremas in the United States have a chance to do so