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Nery Castillo transfer to Pachuca

Nery Castillo will be the latest addition to Hugo Sanchez’ Pachuca squad. The 28 year old Mexican striker will leave Aris of Greece and come to play in the Liga MX for Pachuca on a three year contract. After wandering on loan assignments for the last five years at Manchester City, Dnipro of Ukraine, Chicago Fire, and Aris, Castillo will finally have a home where he is expected to be a regular

Nery Castillo Transfer Pachuca
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starter. It is clear that the new Pachuca head coach, Hugo Sanchez, wanted to bring Nery to the squad, lets not forget that Hugo Sanchez convinced Nery to join the Mexican National Team back in 2007.

Nery Castillo will join the likes of Raul Tamudo, Alberto Medina, Nestor Calderon and Oscar Rojas as the notable additions to the new and revamped Pachuca squad. It seems as though Grupo Pachuca really wants to become el equipo de Mexico (Mexico’s team), and has invested in the transfer market. Hugo Sanchez will have a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed early on, Grupo Pachuca has invested heavily on the team, and I doubt they will want to see a slow start in the upcoming Apertura 2012.

For Nery Castillo this is a great chance to join a team that actually wants him to play, with a head coach who has liked his style of play and supported him for years now. Lets be frank, since he joined Shakhtar his career has been in the dumps; he hasn’t played in many matches, he rarely scores, and he was dropped from the Mexican National Team. However, he displayed some signs of brilliant soccer at Aris this past season, and apparently Hugo Sanchez believes he can make Castillo play at the high level we saw in the Copa America 2007.

For the good of Nery, Pachuca, and the level of play in the Liga MX, lets hope that Castillo becomes the best acquisiotn of the Apertura 2012.

Here’s a little something so you remember how good he used to be:


[youtube LEJz1nBmx74]