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CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers Match Day 2 Preview

The second match day of the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers semi-finals are set to begin on 6/12/2012, and with it comes several exciting matches. Some of these matches are must-wins for the teams involved, and a loss would make it extremely difficult to qualify to the final round of the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers.


Antigua & Barbua vs Jamaica

Jamaica had an excellent start in the semi-finals by winning a vital match against Guatemala at home 2-1. Jamaica will now travel to Antigua & Barbuda to try and get a win; Jamaica is a favorite, but Antigua showed against the USMNT that they won’t just rollover and lose. If Jamaica can get the victory, and it is combined by a US win in Guatemala, Jamaica would have a 6 point advantage over Guatemala (and would be tied with the US), a point difference that would be impossible for the Guatemalans to overcome. My prediction for this match is that Jamaica will defeat Antigua 2-0.

El Salvador vs Mexico

This is the single most important match for the Salvadorian squad, the Salvadorian players stated that they might not go to the World Cup, but they will beat Mexico. The Cuscatlan will be going nuts, with every Salvadorian fan hoping to get a win against the Mexican squad. However, the Mexican soccer team is filled with European talent, and the best players from the Mexican league: Chicharito, Guardado, Dos Santos, De Nigris, Salcido, Corona, etc. There is simply too much talent on the Mexican side, and they will prove victorious. My prediction for this match is that Mexico will win a hard fought game 3-1.

Canada vs Honduras

Canada is coming off a good victory in Cuba, while the Honduran squad had a shocking defeat at home against a Panamanian squad led by Blas Perez’ goal scoring abilities. This is a game where Honduras must get at least one point, if not the win. Losing here would mean that Canada goes to six points, and if Panama does what is expected against Cuba, it would also have six points, leaving Honduras at the bottom with 0 points. I believe Honduras understands the importance of this match, and will fight tough to get the win. However, Canada is playing at home, coming off a good win in Havana, I see a good, tight match that ends in a draw. My prediction is a 1-1 draw in Toronto.

Guatemala vs USA

Guatemala traveled to Jamaica and lost 1-2, now they receive a superior US team in Guatemala City. Guatemala knows that a loss here coupled with a Jamaican victory in Antigua & Barbuda is essentially knocking them out of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers. The US had a fairly bad game at home against the Antiguans, however, they got the win and the three points. I expect the USMNT to do the same in Guatemala City, they will not play a pretty game, but they will get the win and the three points. The USMNT will win 2-1, and Guatemala will be essentially knocked out of the qualifiers.

Guyana vs Costa Rica

Guyana last played a decent match in Mexico and only lost by a two goal difference. Costa Rica face a tough Salvadorian side that came back from a 2-0 deficit to tie up the match. Costa Rica needs to get a win here, in order to make up for the lost points at home. I believe

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Costa Rica will dominate the match and win 4-1 and take the three points.

Panama vs Cuba

Panama’s last match was a surprise away win against Hoduras 2-0, Cuba on the other hand played at home and lost to Canada 1-0. Playing in Panama City, in front of its home crowd, coming off a big win in Honduras, the Canaleros will destroy Cuba 4-0 and take lead of Group C. I believe Panama will put itself in a great spot to move on to the final round of the CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers.

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