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Marco Fabian will stay with Chivas


Marco Fabian will stay in Guadalajara until Chivas wins a championship. Jorge Vergara, the outspoken Chivas owner, stated that even though large transfer offers from European teams were made for Fabian, he will keep him at the club until a championship is won. Fabian’s outstanding performance in the Toulon Tournament, where he scored seven goals, brought international attention for the young Mexican forward. All rumors that Fabian would start the season in an English or Spanish team are over, as Vergara has made the final decision about the striker’s future.

The question is, will Vergara really keep Marco Fabian at Chivas until they win a championship? The short answer is of course not. Vergara most likely wants Fabian to stay for at least one more season, in an effort to create a better team that will help fill out the too-often-empty seats of Omnilife stadium. Vergara brought in proven players like Luis Perez and  Marquez Lugo in an effort to increase the offensive vitality of the team. If Fabian were taken off the team, Chivas would be forced to purchase a new proven striker; something that might be out of Chivas’ range, as they have already spent over $7 million during this off season.

Another reason Vergara is keeping Fabian at Chivas, is that he is hoping that Fabian will have an excellent season, thus raising the transfer value of Marco in the international soccer market. Overall, I don’t believe Fabian will stay at Chivas for more than a year. As his level of play rises, more international offers will come to Vergara, until a certain monetary offer is reached where the Chivas owner will have no option but to accept.



  1. I agree some what with Vergara its time for chivas to win Again and Marco Fabian is a great player and is still young, so if he goes next year to Europe everything will be okay.

    • Let’s hope that Vergara is right, the other big teams in Mexico really went out of their way to strengthen themselves, and it will be extremely difficult for Chivas to win a championship in one year. For the good of the Mexican national team, lets hope that Fabian keeps improving; it would be awesome to see an attacking force Fabian, Chicharito, Vela, and Dos Santos!

      • In all Chivas has a good squad, Fabian, Ponce, Chaton and Cubo Torres all they need is defense. In my opinion Cubo needs to step up his game i feel like he could become an awesome player one day if he steps up up a notch. I also feel that if Fabian has a great permanence in the Olympics his value will increase even more and Vergara will have the temptation of selling him for a lot of money.

        • Yes, their offense should be set now, they have a good setup. Cubo needs to start off the bench and develop slowly, he should get better. Not sure if they are going to get new defenders, the transfer period is over for Mexican players, unless they get someone from the national or Olympic teams, maybe Barrera?


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