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Jackson Martinez to Porto of Portugal

Jackson Martinez will be heading to Porto of Portugal. The skillful Colombian striker will leave Jaguares de Chiapas from the Mexican Soccer League, and take a shot at European football. Since arriving at Jaguares in 2010, Martinez quickly became one of the league’s best scorers, having scored 36 goals in just 59 appearances with the Chiapanecan side. It is rumored that Porto payed over $10 million for this transfer pass, in an effort to increase the offensive power of their team.

What will Jaguares do with this new-found money? They certainly need to find another striker to replace the offensive firepower that Martinez will take along with him; Jackson Martinez scored 10 out of the 26 goals Jaguares scored last season. Furthermore, they should use it to strengthen their defense, as it proved to be their weakest point, having allowed 20 goals in the Clausra 2012. If the team decides to keep the money for distribution among its owners, Jaguares will suffer terribly, I wouldn’t expect them to have another appearance in the playoffs the upcoming season.

With the Martinez’ pass complete, this proves to be the largest transfer amount of the off-season in the Mexican soccer league.