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Hector Herrera to Chivas: The Answer to Chivas’ Problems?

In a not so surprising move, it was announced that ‘Grupo Pachuca’—the owner of F.C. Pachuca and F.C. Leon—acquired the players from Chivas Johnny Magallon, Edgar Mejia, and Alberto Medina.  While Magallon and Mejia will play for the newly promoted ‘Pansas Verdes’, Medina will attempt to revive his career with the ‘Tuzos’.  Three players left Chivas to play for two teams, but in reality one company, therefore, what is Jorge Vergara, and his new Johann Cruyff team getting in return?

It is mentioned that a millionaire, Mexican Hollywood trade is on the way which will send Pachuca defender Leobardo Lopez and 22 year old rising midfield star Hector Herrera to Guadalajara.  Lopez would be a fair deal, however, Herrera’s move will create noise throughout the ears of all the ‘goats’ fans because Herrera in Chivas could translate into a football similar to that seen in the Mexican U-23 champion team that included Chivas’ Marco Fabian along Herrera.  The ‘Rebaño’ Dutch managers are interested in Herrera because they believe that along Fabian they will create a deadly attacking midfield which will fit adequately with the 4-3-3 system that Cruyff practices.  Therefore, if Herrera is signed, if Fabian is not sold to Europe after the Olympics, and if Rafael Marquez Lugo arrives to the “Perla Tapatia”, the Chivas offense will be made of Fabian on the left wing, Herrera on the right, and Marquez as a lone striker.

Will this solve Guadalajara’s lack of goals?  Only time will share those news, but what is a fact is that on paper having Fabian and Herrera will create an offense filled with  dynamic speed and agility similar to that shown in the Mexican youth teams.  Fabian will take the pressure to carry the team off his back, and Herrera will have the pressure to fulfill the role of playing in North America’s most popular club.  Point made, with Herrera providing good crosses and moves to Marquez Lugo and Erick Torres, Chivas will undoubtedly triumph in an offensive manner.